Unsure of what you can put in a skip?


Hiring a skip is invaluable for throwing away items you cannot put in your normal waste disposal. Before you load up your skip, make sure you’re only using it for the right sort of waste. Here’s what you need to know:


What can you put in a Skip?


The following can go in a J Dickinson & Sons general waste skip:

● Household waste
● Furniture
● Soil and rubble
● Garden waste
● Plastic, metal, wood, and tiles and ceramics

Anything you can put in your normal waste collection is safe to put in a skip.


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What can you not put in a skip?


The following items are considered hazardous, or need to be disposed of in a specific way, and therefore cannot be put in a skip:

● Paint tins
● Mattresses – these need to be disposed of separately, please contact us if you need to dispose of a mattress
● Plasterboard – plasterboard and gypsum waste must be separated from general waste
● Tyres
● Fridges and freezers
● Carpets
● Astro Turf
● Asbestos
● Animal waste
● Oil of any kind
● Batteries
● Medical waste
● Gas cylinders

How long can you keep a skip for?

A domestic skip customer can keep your skip for a maximum of 14 days from the day of delivery.

Can you overload a skip?

Overfilling a skip can be easily done – As you fill up your skip, monitor the fill line and the edges of the skip, making sure you don’t go over. Piling the skip too high breaks regulations and most importantly would make the skip unsafe. Please make sure your skip is level filled.


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