One easy way to make the world just a little bit greener is by playing your part in recycling. When you dispose of rubbish via a skip with J Dickinson & Sons, we’ll sort through the recyclable materials for you.

Today, there is more and more pressure to recycle, to re-use plastics, and various other materials as people grow increasingly more environmentally conscious. This has led to many businesses and individuals making huge policy and lifestyle changes, which will ultimately benefit everyone.

Of course, plastic pollution is still a huge talking point, especially since Sir David Attenborough brought it to everyone’s attention through the Blue Planet II documentary back in 2018, which ultimately saw the UK and many charity organisations petition for plastic alternatives to be used, such as straws and plastic packaging.

That being said, as a nation we have become a lot more conscientious of what we throw away, but still there are many that continue fly-tipping, as once it has been dumped they think that “it’s not their problem” anymore. Despite the fact that this is wrong, and if caught you can be fined a lot of money. There is also the environmental impact to consider. That’s where we at J Dickinson & Sons come in.